Compassion as the Radicalism of Our Time


“Compassion registers in the brain as more like eating chocolate than brussels sprouts. “

– Roshi Joan Halifax


… isn’t this a great quote?! 😉 It’s taken from a brilliant talk by Roshi Joan Halifax at the most recent Wisdom2.0 conference.

You can  see the presentations from the main stage of this conference here:


Joan’s talk’s title is Compassion as the Radicalism of Our Time and it’s about 25 min long.  She talks about how technology and on-going exposure to images of violence and aggression can shut down our compassion. She also explains how we can develop resilience and character in the very world we live in.

First of all – we need to get smart about compassion and make it our priority.  How? – she offers some great practical steps – check it out! (to give it away a little bit – it requires attention, intention and engagement).

And to repeat her call at the end:  Disrupt complacency, engage compassion, share the news! 

Compassion as the Radicalism of Our Time