Drop-in Sessions


This series of twelve, free Compassion Practice Drop-in Sessions are offered to alumni of the eight-week CompassionSki Touring Feb 2018-13 (1) Cultivation Training program. Each session is 45min in duration, focusing on meditation practice and reflection. The sessions are scheduled at 12:15 pm (Pacific time) on different days of the week for twelve weeks between January and March 2021. Each session will be focusing on different topics. You’re welcome to attend as many or as few sessions as you like. They will be facilitated by certified Compassion Cultivation Teachers.

Each session starts at 12:15 pm and ends at 1:00 pm (Pacific time). Once you register for one (any) of the sessions – you will receive a link to the online page with the zoom link that you can use to access all of the sessions.

To register, please go to:

1. Friday, 8th January, 12:15 -1:00, Pippa Rowcliffe

2. Thursday, 14th January, 12:15 -1:00, Diane Hetrick

3. Monday, 18th January, 12:15 -1:00, Magdalena Szpala

4. Thursday, 28th January, 12:15 -1:00, Dr. Nancy Isenberg



5. Tuesday, 2nd February, 12:15 -1:00, Diane Hetrick

6. Thursday, 11th February,12:15 -1:00, Monica Hanson

7. Friday, 19th February, 12:15 -1:00, Pippa Rowcliffe

8. Wednesday, 24th February, 12:15 -1:00, Jane Compson, PhD



9. Monday, 1st March, 12:15 -1:00, Magdalena Szpala

10. Thursday, 11th March, 12:15 -1:00, Monica Hanson

11. Thursday, 18th March, 12:15 -1:00, Dr. Nancy Isenberg

12. Thursday, 25th March, 12:15 -1:00, Jane Compson, PhD