The Healing Power of Kindness

Stanford’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE) conducted an extensive scientific literature review that revealed a ‘growing body of scientific evidence that indicates that kindness has the power to heal.’

Below is an excerpt from the Huffington Post about the review:

Those of us who work in the health care profession and study medicine have long believed in the value of a kind, compassionate bedside manner. But now, this belief isn’t just a nice notion – it’s sound science. The Dignity Health/CCARE scientific literature review shows that when patients are treated with kindness — when there is an effort made to get to know them, empathize with them, communicate with them, listen to them and respond to their needs — it can lead to the following outcomes:

  • faster healing of wounds,
  • reduced pain,
  • reduced anxiety,
  • reduced blood pressure,
  • and shorter hospital stays.

The research also shows that when doctors and nurses act compassionately, patients are more likely to be forthcoming in divulging medical information, which in turn leads to more accurate diagnoses. They are more likely to adhere to their prescribed treatments, which leads to fewer readmissions.

To read the full article and for the infographic: The Healing Power of Kindness | Project Compassion Stanford.

The Healing Power of Kindness
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