The power of aspiration is much greater than the power of desperation…

… was just one of my many insights from Peter Senge’s keynote presentation at the Garrison Institute.

What really stood out for me in Peter’s talk is his great humility, clarity of thinking and recognition of the continuity between our inner and outer reality.

His reflections on the importance of paying attention to the quality of our relationships (at work and outside of work), to the collective creative processes (rather than problem solving), and his definition of love as ‘the act of allowing another to be legitimate other’ – were all very thought provoking.

The other thing that really struck me in his talk was his emphasis on the fact that our current culture is based on a mechanistic worldview and how that has been informing our (ineffective) efforts to fix things or change things.  Climate change and the destruction of species and ocean acidification are all symptoms of culture that is out of harmony with the living universe.

Self-awareness, discipline, practice, subtle leadership, and community of like-minded people who celebrate little steps in the right direction seem to be where hope and inner renewal energy can be discovered.

He was not trying to convince anyone. And I’m completely convinced that he’s right. This is one of the most inspiring and insightful talks I have seen in a very long time.

Great inspiration – worth the whole 1hour and 41minutes! (His presentation is 35min and the rest is Q&As).

The power of aspiration is much greater than the power of desperation…
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